High Speed CNC Machining
CNC machined prototypes have superior performance and finish characteristics compared to Rapid Prototyping materials, and can be obtained in a fraction of the time it takes to get injection molded parts. Your ability to evaluate the design and perform real world testing is highly beneficial in ensuring that your concept is on the right track. Once the functionality of your design has been proven, the machined parts can then be painted and finished to be cosmetically indistinguishable from a final production part.

Typical lead times range from overnight to just a few days with our machines. Automatic tool changers, 50,000 rpm high speed spindles, and 600 ipm feed rates allow us to fly by the competition and get your company's design on the market ahead of the rest.

Countless material such as ABS, Aluminum, Delrin, Acrylic, PET, Nylon, Zinc, Polypropylene, Brass, Copper, Ren Shape, Polycarbonate and many more can be machined to suit your needs. A variety of colors and material strengths are available at your request.
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