Connex PolyJet™ Technology – 3 Dimensional Printing

PolyJet™ technology creates precise physical parts directly from 3D CAD data. These parts have an excellent surface finish and a very high resolution of 16 microns (.0006"). This resolution results in highly detailed parts that can be used for engineering prototypes, concept models, tooling masters, and low volume production. The parts are produced in a matter of hours without machining or tooling.

Designcraft's Objet Eden 500v PolyJet is equipped with State-of-the-art Connex technology, which enables it to print 2 materials simultaneously. This technology brings structural, functional, and cosmetic benefits that will make your next prototyping experience more valuable than ever before.

Overlap materials on your project to create color breaks and patterns. Transparent and opaque materials can be built together to create lenses for lights and displays. Elastomeric “rubbery” materials can be printed over rigid materials to simulate overmolding on gaskets and grip features. Prototypes which would have required the assembly of components from multiple builds can be completed in a single build!

With our Connex machine we can fabricate what are called "Digital Materials" - composite materials with predetermined mechanical properties. Digital Materials are created when two standard PolyJet materials are combined in specific concentrations to provide the desired mechanical and visual properties you need.

There are 100-plus Digital Material options to chose from. These are based on various combinations of the 17 primary materials. A single prototype can contain as many as 14 distinct material properties, all created in one build process. You can simulate products made of elastomers and rubber by creating Digital Materials with a full Shore scale A range including: Shore 27, 40, 50, 60, 70, 85 and 95. With Digital Materials, you can also simulate standard plastics such as ABS using our green ABS-Like material.

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Our Objet Connex PolyJet™  3D Printer has a 500 x 400 x 200mm  Build Capability.
How this technology will benefit you:
• Horizontal build layers of 0.0006”
• The highest resolution in the market with identical X&Y
• resolution of 600 dpi and Z at 1200 dpi.
• Eliminates the stair effect common to complicated
• curved surfaces built in lower resolution.
• Able to build thin walls down to 0.6mm (0.024”)


Hard and Soft Resin Types Available:

Digital "Green" ABS-Like