For Tech Models, the Devil is in the Details

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Not Rendered, Real

No 3D rendering software compares to the experience of getting to actually evaluate the physical characteristics of your design. When you get to the prototyping stage in your design process, choosing a partner who prides themselves in their attention to every last detail becomes very important.
Printed graphics, exotic material combinations, and expressive CFM explorations partnered with the highest standards of execution will ensure your project is met with “WOWs!” at your next design review.

The Devil is in the Details

Subtle details and the seamless incorporation of production components often make a model indistinguishable from the real thing. Some components we commonly include in tech models are:

  • Tactile switches, to make the buttons really “click”
  • Convincingly detailed faux camera and flash assemblies
  • USB, HDMI, and audio connectors
  • Acoustic mesh behind speaker and mic details
  • Contrasting blacks to mimic IR sensors behind lenses

But Weight, There’s More…

That’s right, weight! Accurate weight and center of mass can have a substantial impact on the reaction to your model. When you choose Designcraft as your model making partner, you can rest assured that your model’s weight will be accurate, your color and material matches will be precise, and your model’s quality will often exceed that of production. It’s our goal to make you say “WOW!” with every project.

Designcraft is ready for your challenge!

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