Wish Your Superpower was X-ray Vision?

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X-ray Vision (Almost)

Did you ever dream of having an X-ray vision so you could magically look inside your product? While we may not boast superpowers, we do have some Super-Machinists and Model Makers. Working together, they can provide a unique behind the scenes view of the interior of your product.

Metal springs, circuit boards, electric motors, moving mechanisms; utilizing our Urethane Casting Technology to encapsulate your product allows all of these components and more to be cross-sectioned with ease. After the cutting process, which can be to a precise plane or feature, the outer surfaces are polished to enhance clarity. The result is a super-power-like insight into your product.

Cross-section models are a great way to evaluate engineering challenges, as they allow you to see how internal components interact once your product is assembled. This is also a great way to showcase a unique design element inside your new product for trade shows and presentations.

IDC 2019: We’re Back!

Designcraft will be exhibiting the 2019 IDSA International Design Conference in Chicago, from August 21-23. Stop by our booth to meet Designcraft team members, talk about your next prototyping project, and check out our collection of inspirational samples and technical showpieces that demonstrate how we are a valuable part of your product development process.

And of course, as in past years, attendees that stop by our booth will have a chance to build a personalized souvenir that’s sure to liven up your workspace!


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