Will your new products be dressing up this Halloween??

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Let Designcraft Give You a Hand this Halloween!

Need to dress up your existing product line in bold new colors and impressive graphics? Designcraft can paint your production parts, tweak surface finishes, and add bone-chilling graphics, creating an entirely new fall look for your product line. Iterating changes to geometry? Not a problem! By leveraging our CNC, Rapid Prototying, and Casting Departments we make modifications to existing parts, and even create new components for your existing assembly from scratch.

Staying A-Head of Your Competition?

Designcraft’s Molding and Casting Department is scary talented. Using soft tooling they create molds capable of replicating dozens of parts in different durometers of Urethane (perfect for building your own robot-zombie army!). Whether you need parts that are optically clear, or cast in color with precise surface finishes, their attention to detail allows you to explore different creative combinations for each model or assembly. Of course, Designcraft can further bring your cast parts to life (figuratively speaking) by adding high-quality graphics and exceptional painting.

Our Tricks = Your Treats!

Don’t freak out over your CMF like this guy! Talk to Designcraft about your CMF (Color, Material, and surface Finish) wishes. We’ll help you achieve the eye-popping results your concept deserves. Our Finishing Artists are constantly learning new tricks and techniques for mimicking the most current production finishes available.
Try us if you dare!

Designcraft is Ready for Your Challenge!

Contact us today to learn how we can put our resources to work for you.

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