Need A Custom Visual Model For The 2020 Trade Show?

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Nothing compares to the experience of getting your new product concept physically into the hands of your customers. Trade Shows are often the stage on which this happens for the very first time, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Is your company planning to participate in CES, NAMM, IHA, NeoCon, or any other prestigious industry Trade Shows in 2020? Designcraft creates visual models and prototypes that ensure your product’s first impression will be powerful and positive.

Visual Model of a mobile phone.

Consumer Electronics
Complete with graphics, weight, and clickable buttons, these can be made to be nearly indistinguishable from production units.

Silicone prototypes of an athletic mouth guard.

Silicone and Elastomeric Urethane
Often used for sporting goods and athletic equipment, medical products, gaskets and
seals, these parts can bend and stretch.

Plated and finished SLA model of a faucet.

Hardware and Appliances
Additional processes like anodizing, electroplating, and polishing add an even more realistic look to CNC machined parts, SLA, and 3D printed parts.

Clear Models and Prototypes
Made from CNC machined acrylic or SLA, these are great for home and housewares products, including prototype glassware.

Healthcare model display studies.

Medical and Healthcare
Refine your ergonomics and user experience; communicate your design intent with clean lines and smooth surface finishes.

Custom printed textures on sample chips.

Graphics and Textures
Update last year’s models with a new look, or add expressive textures to provide a tactile feel.

Designcraft is Ready for Your Challenge!
Contact us today to learn how we can put our resources to work for you.

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