Bring One of Your Personal Projects to Life With Our Finished Visual Model Giveaway!

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The Shoemaker’s Children Go Barefoot

This 16th century proverb rings true at Designcraft to this day: The Craftsman who is too busy tending to their client’s needs to put their skills to work at home. Like the Cobbler, we’ve been so focused on making Visual Models and Prototypes for our customers that we have not made any eye-catching showpieces for ourselves. We’d like your help to create some contemporary showpieces for our marketing efforts, and we’re going to give away some FREE finished Visual Models to do it!

Housewares Showpieces, 1984

Criteria for Consideration

Do you have a current pet-project or portfolio piece that would make a jaw-dropping Visual Model? It does not need to fall into a specific product family or category, but there are some criteria that the selected projects will need to fulfill:

    1. If your project is selected, Designcraft will make two fully finished Visual Models: one for you, and one for Designcraft. This will be used as a sales and marketing tool to create photography for print and web, as well as being displayed at trade shows. Design credit will be given when appropriate. You will be required to sign a release waiver before Designcraft begins any work on the project. You must be the sole owner of the intellectual property; please, no projects that have corporate sponsorship. Do not submit anything that you don’t hold the complete rights for!
    2. What we are looking for: Sophisticated combinations of colors, materials, textures, and forms that will allow Designcraft to exploit various production and decoration techniques. Ideally projects between the size of a watch and a desktop printer, but these constraints aren’t written in stone. If you think your design would make a great model, we encourage you to submit!
    3. What we are not looking for: Products that are overly dependent on GUI, soft goods, anything too large to easily travel or too small to be effectively photographed, napkin sketches or rough ideas that still need to be developed.
    4. Requirements for consideration: You must have CAD and a CFM (color, finish, material) document in order to submit. The CAD does NOT need to be production/print ready. If it can be used to create an informative rendering, we can work with it. Also, Ai or Psd files for any complex graphics that will be integrated into the model.


Transportation Design Model, 1987

To Submit

Email Designcraft a PDF or PowerPoint presentation with a CFM and Project Description by September 30, 2020. Please include the format of your CAD in the body of the email (Solidworks, Rhino, Etc.). Owners of selected projects will be notified privately by Designcraft.
Not interested but know someone who would be? That’s great! Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.
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