Designcraft Now Offers FULL COLOR, Multi-Material 3D Printing!!

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Our new 3D Printing technology produces full-color models much faster than traditional high-fidelity model making processes. Now you can incorporate CMF design earlier in the design cycle and explore more iterations in a shorter time frame.

3D Printed PMS color swatches and transparent tints

Let your imagination run wild with more than 1,900 Printable Pantone® validated colors and a total range of over 500,000 distinguishable colors to choose from. Improved clear materials introduce an awesome color palette of vivid translucent and transparent shades, perfect for creating expressive lenses, cosmetics packaging, tinted bottles, and UI displays.

Several projects showcasing multi-color and multi-material 3D Printing

Streamline the post-processing time needed for decorating visual models by adding product graphics and branding to printed models during the build process. Create a limitless variety of natural or geometric textures, and print assemblies with multiple material properties in a single build!

Rubber-like 3D Printed parts

Flexible materials can mimic over-molded areas, be used to create gaskets and hinges, or blend with rigid materials to create a wide range of material durometers.

Interested? Mind blown? Want to learn more? Contact your Designcraft Rep today to put this new technology to work on your project!

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