Spring is in the Air (Thanks to our Fabulous Casting Department!)

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This rainbow of Cast Urethane springs was created by using a 10″ spring from a kitchen appliance as a master for the mold. If you think this sounds like a tricky thing to mold… you’re right!

Designcraft Delivers High-Value, Low-Volume Cast Parts with Superior Detail and Surface Finish

Whether it’s hundreds or just a handful, Urethane Castings bridge the gap between prototype and production. Capable of capturing fine detail and complex geometry, Molding and Casting creates an economy of scale that doesn’t exist for 3D printed or CNC machined parts. Casting also delivers parts-in-hand in only a few days, unlike conventional molding processes, which can take weeks.

Urethane parts and silicone molds.

Typically made using fully-finished master parts, RTV Silicone molds accurately reproduce fine details like embossed/debossed text, artwork, and common manufacturing textures, including high-gloss surfaces. Urethane parts cast in a custom-matched color offer great durability in areas where a painted surface may scratch or rub. Insert-molding is a great way to prolong the life of prototype assemblies, and over-molding with multiple materials really makes a design pop!

CNC machined parts with over-molded urethane grips.

Take advantage of a full range of elastomeric to rigid Urethane materials (5 Shore A softness to 85 Shore D hardness) with unique mechanical properties, including high impact strength, high-temperature resistance, medical-grade, glass-filled, optically clear, flame retardant, FDA approved and UL94VO compliant. These materials convincingly mimic a wide range of injection-molded materials. Our Sales Engineers and Project Managers will work closely with you to creatively determine which solution best suits each application.

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