Models and prototypes that wow, time after time.

To make a vision real, you have to make it right. Designcraft Prototypes has been doing that since 1980, striving to deliver not just on your plans but on the goals behind them. Fast turnaround times, a team of obsessive experts and almost unlimited production capabilities mean when you choose Designcraft for your prototype or visual model, you’re deciding you want things done right.

Each project at Designcraft Prototypes undergoes a design review from a project manager; they’ll make sure your plans will meet the objectives you have for them before prototype production starts. The project manager makes a quality review before your job is finished. In between, we’ll use the diverse capabilities at our disposal to take your design from plan to final finish. When we’re done, your model is done too.

If you’re ready to bring your design to life, you’re ready for Designcraft Prototypes. To make your best first impression, get a project estimate using the form.

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Concept Models

You need a model that will make them say “WOW!”

Precision Prototyping

Your Prototype should be a tool, not a problem.

CNC Machining

When you rarely make the same part twice, it’s even more important to get it right the first time.

Our Capabilities

CNC Machining

Vertical Machining
CNC Turned Parts
Laser Cutting
CMM Inspection

Molding + Casting

RTV Molded Parts
Silicone Parts
Vacuum Molding

Additive Manufacturing

Color Polyjet Printing


Custom Color
Special Effects

Design + Engineering

3D Modeling
Design for Manufacturing

Rapid Manufacturing

From Hundreds to Thousands
CNC Milling
CNC Turning

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