When it comes to Silicone Prototypes… we’re very flexible

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When it comes to Silicone Prototypes… we’re very flexible

Designcraft is focused on developing and delivering innovative solutions to meet our customers’ silicone rubber prototyping needs, offering full engineering and design support, low-cost tooling and quick turn-around. Combined with our expertise in colors, materials and finishes, we can provide a production quality prototype that precisely executes your geometry, reflects your color palette and reinforces your brand.

Projects + Applications

Silicone molding is the process of creating parts by filling a mold with a liquid material and allowing it to harden into a solid, rubber component. Often produced from machined aluminum, molds are custom-made to fit the geometry of a wide assortment of parts. When large quantities and/or parts with undercut features, reverse drafting, or complex features are the main focus, silicone casting is a great method to consider for your next project.

  • Custom Molded Rubber Parts
  • Custom Rubber Gaskets
  • Seals + O-Rings
  • Convoluted Bellows + Balloons
  • Diaphragms + Flow Control
  • Formed Hoses + Connectors
  • Vibration Isolation + Mounts
  • Overmold onto Metals + Plastics

Production Quality Silicone Parts… you design the part, we design the tool

Our team will work with you from product concept, through prototype development and durometer selection, to the final release of precision custom rubber components. Our production grade silicone is designed to perform in a wide variety of industrial and consumer product applications.

By taking advantage of rapid prototyping, you can quickly conduct several different iterations resulting in real parts for measuring performance and analysis of the trade-offs, implement feature changes and benchmark the resulting performance for intended approaches. This can save time, but it also ensures that you make the correct design decisions.

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