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Designcraft-Concept Models, Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining, Design Engineering Surfacing on a 3D CAD model

Struggling with Surfacing?

If you’re struggling with solidifying your model’s complicated surface geometry so you can proceed with prototyping, STOP! Our Engineers are surfacing experts and have an arsenal of the right tools and experience to help resolve many complex surfacing issues quickly and efficiently.

Engineer evaluating a mechanism

Meddling with Mechanisms?

Whether you want it to stand up, snap closed, rotate, or spring back, we can help you achieve production-like mechanical functionality within your prototyping timeline. We can fine tune your completed mechanism, finish something that is in-progress, or develop your desired functions from scratch.

Models illuminated with programmable LEDs

Need a Light?

Designcraft frequently adds LED lighting to models in order to achieve a wide variety of effects. The power switch can often be incorporated into an existing button in your design or concealed completely. We have experience programming custom color patterns, creating faux illuminated displays, and finished products that light up via remote control!

Our Engineers do a lot more than setup your files for 3D printing and CNC machining. They are adept and nimble at solving a variety of engineering challenges that, while exotic to some, are every day challenges at Designcraft. Take advantage of this valuable resource you can use to streamline your product development process!

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